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February – Apricot Love

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More love, please?!

How could it be any other way: Our February tea is dedicated to love. Not only because it is the month of Valentine's Day but also because love can change many things.

For example, your taste. Why else do we say "the way to a man's (woman's!) heart is through his (or her!) stomach? Shared pleasures bring you closer together.

Culinary delights and love go hand in hand. You can win someone over or express your love by cooking them a tasty meal. Love and life are shared and intensified through enjoying things together.

Of course, this does not always mean putting a five-course meal onto the table. Even a small gesture counts, like a cup of tea to warm someone up. Especially when it as lovely as our white tea Apricot Love with its sensuous apricot aroma. After all, the first bite (or sip) is with the eye. This great blend with its sweet little hearts therefore already delights even before it is brewed. The fruity taste and the fresh aroma of the white tea finally perfect the pleasure derived from it and are guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your sweetheart.

Of course, this tea is also an ideal gift for people whom you just want to show your appreciation (again), or if you want to brighten up someone's day or would like to do something for their well-being, or simply to say thank you. Shared pleasures bring you closer together.

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