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April – Golden Nepal FTGFOP1 second flush

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Nature is emerging from hibernation; some of us, on the other hand, suddenly feel tired all the time. We are more active and outdoors in the fresh air for longer periods again, which is exhausting for our body, which has to readapt. To make it a little bit easier to get into gear early in the morning or to prevent uncomfortable drowsiness in the afternoon, we have chosen a flavoursome black tea as April's tea of the month: Golden Nepal.

It is incredibly rich, creamy and mellow with a sweet, floral aroma that also makes it an excellent breakfast tea without the addition of milk and sugar. It is a great alternative to a classic English Breakfast or Earl Grey, and even perfect for leisurely enjoyment in the afternoon.

Golden Nepal is grown on tea plantations that are located at an altitude of 1,800 to over 2,000 metres and surrounded by the glorious Himalayan mountains. At these heights, banks of fog protect the tea from too much sunshine and give this variety its varied, complex flavour.

Only the bud and the top two leaves are usually picked for black tea. During the picking and processing of Golden Nepal, great care is taken to preserve the buds, as these form the typical golden locks later on that also give the tea its name and its unique look and taste.

Comparatively, Golden Nepal has a relatively high caffeine content. Of course, to be able to fully appreciate its finesse and impact, it must also be made properly.

The loose leaves should preferably be steeped in boiling water; watch the leaves slowly uncurl. This black tea is ready to enjoy after three minutes.

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