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November – Green Tea Orange Caramel

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A refreshing pick-me-up

November is often wet, cold and uncomfortable. The sun shines increasingly rarely, and winter is already imminent. To make sure that we don't succumb to the autumn blues, we need something that revives and refreshes us and is balm for the soul. Or Green Tea Orange Caramel fits the bill perfectly. 

Once poured, small pieces of caramel intermingle with small pieces of orange, resulting in a fruity-sweet taste that is tangy, yet also mild, as the green tea base ensures a perfect balance between these two components. Not only in taste terms – this fine balance literally spreads through your body; you feel revived and clear-headed after enjoying a cup of this tea. 

This great feeling is surpassed only by the freshly baked waffles that accompany it. Top them with fine cut orange shred marmalade, and you're well on your way to beating the blues. However, this green tea also goes well with curries and Asian sweet and sour dishes. Let this tea into your November, and the grey days will simply fly by.

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