On the basis of the guidelines of the "International Labor Organization" (ILO) and the “Human Rights Declaration” of
the United Nations, we have implemented a "Code of Conduct". By signing this, our suppliers commit themselves to strict compliance
with the environmental and social standards set out in this code.

In addition, we are currently working harder to involve our suppliers in the Ethical Tea Partnership(ETP). This is a non-profit organization
that is dedicated to the sustainable production of tea and that works towards improving the living standards of the plantation workings
and the environment in which tea is produced and counteracting child labor, through regular audits. 


UTZ Certified is a label that guarantees a sustainable cultivation of coffee, cocoa and tea. The organization consisting representatives of production, traders, trade unions and non-governmental organizations takes care of a responsible and sustainable procurement of raw materials and production. Here, the focus is on improving productivity, efficiency and quality, and on compliance with social and environmental standards. The UTZ certification substantiates a responsible production to improve the situation of farmers, workers and the environment. Because UTZ sets standards and guidelines for the cultivation of coffee, cocoa and tea.
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FLORAPHARM offers you a wide range of high-quality organic products. The organic seal identifies products and raw materials that are grown organically. The focus here is on the abandonment of pesticides and an environmentally friendly cultivation. Compliance with European (EC Eco-regulation) and American (NOP) eco-standards is monitored and confirmed by independent inspection bodies. FLORAPHARM is certified and controlled by DE-ÖKO-005 ECOCERT IMO GmbH and NOP (Natural Organic Program) according to ECOCERT SA.


The Fairtrade Seal stands for fairly grown and fairly traded products to promote sustainable development in the countries of origin of raw materials. Fairtrade not only takes care of stable minimum prices for raw materials, but also demonstrably improves the living conditions of individual plantation workers and employees by supporting social, ecological and economic projects. Fairtrade also standardizes democratic organizational structures, environmental protection and well-regulated and safe working conditions.

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Brot & Bücher e.V.

FLORAPHARM supports the non-profit organization Brot & Bücher e.V., which has been providing education, health and food for children since 1992. The organization provides help in countries where state institutions are not enough. Thanks to this work, more than 4,000 children can now visit the schools built by Brot & Bücher e.V. in the tea-growing areas of India.

Every child, irrespective of gender or religion, is given access to education, food, medicines and fresh drinking water. This relieves the financial burden on the families and thus makes a better future possible for the children. We look forward to continuing to work together with Brot & Bücher e.V.

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Because enjoyment and responsibility go hand in hand for us, we support the Atmosfair initiative for the compensation of greenhouse gases through renewable energies.
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