Prosecco with 
Rasperry Cherry

für 4 Portionen

Tea concentrate:  
20 g Rasperry Cherry
200 ml  water
Fruits of your choice
750 ml non-alcoholic sparkling wine / prosecco



Heat the water to 100 °C, add the Fruit Melange Rasperry Cherry.
Infuse for 8-10 minutes. Allow the tea to cool.


Wash your chosen fruit, put 1 to 2 pieces of fruit in an ice cube tray and freeze as usual.


Split the tea concentrate between tall champagne flutes or Margarita glasses, with one ice cube in each glass, and fill the glasses up with
(non-alcoholic) Prosecco or sparkling wine.


Garnish with currants and cocktail cherries and the drink is ready to serve. Simple, but delicious.


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